Welcome and thank you for visiting!

My name is Kathryn and I am a conductor, singer, singing teacher, and musicologist based on Vancouver Island in Canada.

I run two virtual choirs, Sing the North and One World Baroque with my friend and colleague Daniel Taylor. I also run an online choir school, teach private and group singing lessons, and artistic direct the Pacific Song Collective.

Most of all, I love getting people together to sing.

I hope you will join me on an upcoming choir project or in my private studio.

I wish you well in your music-making!

Up Next

Join me for my next project with Sing the North – starts June 12 and runs for 4 weeks. All welcome!

Sing the North welcomes all singers, wherever you may live across Canada or around the world. We sing music by Canadian composers or on a Canadian theme. Each project lasts about a month and includes a virtual choir field trip somewhere in Canada. Catch the STN tour bus and sing with us!

Hear our message of hope & joy