Solfa chamber choir workshops

The Solfa Chamber Choir Workshops

Have you ever wished you could read music like you can read a book? Do you love singing with other people and wish you could do more of this in small groups rather than huge choirs? Do you know how to follow a score, but get confused by all those sharps and flats? Then the Solfa chamber choir workshop is the course for you!

Designed especially for adult choral singers – or adults who would like to be choral singers – the Solfa chamber choir workshop is a course in sight-reading and choral skills for singers who wish to learn how to ‘hear the music in their head’ when they look at it on the page, while improving their tuning, vocal control, and listening skills.

The course applies a unique sight-reading method based in chamber singing that helps singers build a vocabulary of sounds and pattern that they will learn to hear every time they look at a score. Using rounds, catches, and two-, three-, and four-part choral music, the course is carefully graded to ensure no one is left behind.

We learn a lot, sing better, and also have a huge amount of fun!

When do the next sessions of the Solfa Choirs run?

The next set of Solfa Chamber Choir Workshops runs in October and November, 2016. Contact the Victoria Conservatory of Music for further information.

What Level should I take - 1, 2, or 3?

If you are not sure which level to register for, please read the following statements to see which one applies to you. You are also very welcome to write to Kathryn via the contact page above if you have any questions.

Which of the following statements applies to you?

I have a nice singing voice, but have never sung in a choir or taken lessons. I don’t read music: start at Level 1.

I can play an instrument, and I learn my pieces by memorizing the patterns: start at Level 1.

I have sung for many years in a choir that sings from notated scores. I can follow the notes, but I learn by ear and follow my neighbours for the notes in rehearsal:  start at Level 2

I can look at a simple melody and hear the pitches sounding fairly accurately in my head without reference to an instrument or another singer:  start at Level 2

I love singing, but I don’t like standing at the edge of my section because the other parts throw me off: start at Level 1

I have never sung in choir before but I would like to try: contact Kathryn to see if you could start in level 1 or if you should attend her Tune-In Singing class first.

I am a strong singer and I rarely make a mistake in choir rehearsals.  I learn my music by memorizing sound files online or from a CD recording: start at Level  2

I play an instrument to a high level (grade 7 or above) and can sight-read reasonably well on my
instrument, but I cannot sight-sing reliably without my instrument: start at Level 2

I like how it feels when I sing but I have not sung with other people before: contact Kathryn to see if you could start in level 1 or if you should attend her Tune-In Singing class first.

I am a confident singer with a strong ear and I know my foundational music theory. I can sight-read quite confidently in choir, but I will make mistakes if I am singing on my own without an instrument to follow: start at Level 2

Why solfa?

Music is based on patterns, not pitches.

Solfa teaches you to read each note in relation to a predictable pattern you can already hear in your head, making it as easy to read a score as it is to read a book – in any key!